JULY 17 - 20, 2024
The Best Dirt biking During The Summer is In Baja!
Come Ride South of The Border With the Desert Assassins and JCR Crew!

4 Days of Epic Trails, Beautiful Beaches, and Fun Single Tracks, all with a bunch of your favorite riding buddies! 
Welcome To Baja and 
The Baja Beach Bash.
For Baja lovers Johnny Campbell and Cameron Steele, the Baja Beach Bash is their opportunity to share their passion with those that may not go that often or at all. It’s also a good time to share their passion with those that go all the time through this one of a kind happening…. It’s a ride for everyone.
Baja is like drugs for those that know this magical lady. Wives may question the time spent south of the border but this is the life of a Baja addict… ride her, love her, crave her, share her…. 

What started as part Baja sharing, part fundraiser, part party and very much a hard-core ride has become an institution that has hosted 100’s of people in a relatively short amount of time. 2024 marks the 16th annual roost fest.

This is the perfect ride for those looking to ride in Baja without the huge commitment required to do some of the bigger rides we do each year. Riders can expect a few days of super fun single track and beach riding around Northern Baja. The days miles are somewhat shorter than our long distance rides so guys with regular track bikes are welcome to come along and get their feet wet with what Baja has to offer.

“The plan is to have a great time riding with out having to have a full Baja set up, small tanks and regular moto bikes will work for riders if needed,” said Campbell who continued, “don’t bring stock tubes though!”

Come check out the BBB, hang with old friends and make some new ones, and find out why Baja is the ultimate place to ride your dirtbike!

* BBB is an invite only ride, All riders are subject to final approval
  • RIDING: The best riding in the summer is the beaches south of the border
  • GIVING: Help support the mission, Rancho Santa Marta Orphanage
  • FUN: Have fun riding and hanging with some of your best riding buddies
15 Years
Years Running the BBB
Awesome Riders
$2 Mil +
Money Raised For Orphange
" The thing that is special to me is being a part of something much bigger and means much more in life than just doing what we do and self serving on a dirtbike ride, and that is what we do for Rancho Santa Marta Orphanage"
- Johnny Campbell 11x Baja 1000 Winner

Help Us Raise Money for a Good Cause

We love to ride dirtbikes in Baja and share it with our friends. And once a year, we plan a ride with the purpose of giving back to the less fortunate people of Baja. Our goal is to shine a light on the Rancho Santa Marta Orphanage in San Vicente through our trips, especially with the Baja Beach Bash.
Cameron Steele who leads the Baja Beach Bash has known the school orphanage proprietors Bill and Kay Lawrence for over 25 years and has made it a goal to continue to give more and more back with each year. Each year the BBB has raised money for the mission and has taken the ride through the mission so everyone can get to see what the mission is all about, as well as make the kids day by showing them the motorcycles and sometimes even getting rides.

We hope you see the tremendous benefit of helping the poor orphans of Baja and want to help us give them more support each year. If you would like to get in on the giving and help to support a really good cause, then please consider a donation to help out.
To learn more about the Orphanage School, you can visit their site here: Rancho Santa Marta.
If you haven't ridden with the DA, then you haven't ridden in Baja right!
On trail catering, Chase Trucks, Raptors on Trail, Lead Riders, Medics, Mechanics, Trailers hauling your gear, and so much more

When the DA goes to Baja, it's done right, it's done first class. 

You show up at the border with your bike and we do the rest. 

The package includes... 
2022 Baja Beach Bash
Payment Info Sent Once Accepted
  • 4 Days of Riding
  • Food and Lodging
  • Lead and Sweep Bikes
  • On Trail Mechanics and Chase Crew
  • Remote Fueling