About The Beach Bash

Sharing Baja and Giving Back!

Motos, Baja, friends and more!

For Baja lovers Johnny Campbell and Cameron Steele, the Baja Beach Bash 2014 is their opportunity to share their passion with those that may not go that often or at all. It’s also a good time to share their passion with those that go all the time through this one of a kind happening…. It’s a ride for everyone.

Baja is like drugs for those that know this magical lady. Wives may question the time spent south of the border but this is the life of a Baja addict… ride her, love her, crave her, share her…. Welcome to Baja and the Baja Beach Bash.

What started as part Baja sharing, part fundraiser, part party and very much a hard-core ride has become an institution that has hosted 100’s of people in a relatively short amount of time. 2014 marks the 5th annual roost fest.

This is the perfect ride for those looking to ride in Baja without the huge commitment required to do some of the bigger rides we do each year. Riders can expect a few days of super fun single track and beach riding around Northern Baja. The days miles are somewhat shorter than our long distance rides so guys with regular track bikes are welcome to come along and get their feet wet with what Baja has to offer.

“The plan is to have a great time riding with out having to have a full Baja set up, small tanks and regular moto bikes will work for riders if needed,” said Campbell who continued, “don’t bring stock tubes though!”

Come check out the BBB, hang with old friends and make some new ones, and find out why Baja is the ultimate place to ride your dirtbike!

* BBB is an invite only ride, All riders are subject to final approval

Beach Bash Organizers

Cameron "PAB" Steele

Cameron "PAB" Steele

Ring Leader

HOMETOWN San Clemente, CA



TEAM Desert Assassins and Menzies Motorsports

DISCIPLINE Pro bike, Trophy Truck, Mid sized unlimited truck and unlimited buggy

HONORS Baja 1000 winner, 3x Parker winner, 4x Mint winner, Off-Road class World Champion 2009 SCORE 4th in TT points and 1st in SNORE Unlimited truck points

Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell


HOMETOWN San Clemente




DISCIPLINE Mountain biking, trail riding

HONORS Desert Series Class 22, BITD AMA District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix Series, AMA District 37 Best of the West Series, AMA District 37 Enduro Series, 24-Hour Off-Road World Endurance, 

Chilli White

Chilli White

Trail Scout